Direct Access to an Owner

Your relationship with Campus Loft Company begins with direct access to one of the company's owners. Yes, one of the owners of Campus Loft will oversee your project from start to finish and is available to you by phone, fax or email at all times. If at any time you want to make changes to your order, check on the status of manufacturing or discuss any aspect of your project, the owners of Campus Loft Company are at your disposal. What does this mean for you? It means you receive open, honest communication throughout the duration of your project and important decisions can be made in an expedient manner. Campus Loft Company values its customers and desires long-term relationships with those they serve.

Project Consultation

The owners of Campus Loft Company are as excited about your furniture project as you are. However, you may be new to the role of furniture buyer or you may be working on a project that requires the creative input from a team of furniture professionals. Campus Loft is pleased to provide free consultation services to help you define your project and source those products that best accomplish your furniture goals. Whether your project is on-site or off-site, or if you are renovating existing space or building a brand new facility, Campus Loft Company will work with you and your team to find the best possible solutions.

Complete Installation

Campus Loft Company provides complete installation services nationwide. Regardless of the size and/or scope of your project, Campus Loft is able to provide an experienced team of furniture installers who will take great care in setting up your furniture to your exact configuration requirements. Campus Loft Company understands the logistical issues surrounding a delivery and installation and assumes full responsibility for this important step. What does this mean for you? It means that you aren't the one to meet the trucks when they arrive at your location, you aren't the one to manage a team of installers and you aren't the one to involve yourself in the physical labor of maneuvering furniture. Campus Loft handles it all! For those smaller jobs where installation services are too costly, Campus Loft is happy to consult with your staff by telephone.

For those larger projects where installation is required, one of the owners of Campus Loft Company will make every effort to personally visit your jobsite during installation prior to turning the completed project back over to you.